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The Accountability Project


The Accountability Project aims to illuminate the path towards leadership excellence, fostering a world where transparency, responsibility, and positive impact converge to shape a future defined by empowered leaders and thriving communities.

The Accountability Projects’ website is a meticulously crafted digital platform designed to serve as a central hub for its users, encapsulating the essence of accountability and engagement in its content and functionalities. This website stands out as a beacon for those seeking to partake in events that underscore the importance of transparency, responsibility, and active participation in communal and personal growth initiatives. 

The Event will be held in Jamaica on October 8th-9th 2024

What I did:

Responsive WordPress Website 

Understanding the diverse needs of  this event, the website was built on a WordPress/Woocommerce foundation, ensuring a flexible and user-friendly experience. The design is fully responsive, with a light theme and categorized sections for easy navigation. This approach guarantees an optimal viewing experience across all platforms, making information access seamless and intuitive for every visitor.

Basic SEO 

To ensure that the website reaches its intended audience, basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices were meticulously implemented. This includes optimizing website content with relevant keywords, ensuring fast loading speeds, and crafting meta tags that accurately describe the site’s content

Jamaican Wipay integration

This integration facilitates secure and convenient online transactions, allowing visitors to make payments with ease, and collect their digital tickets. The checkout process is tailored for event registration, purchasing tickets, and providing a smooth, secure, and user-friendly  payment experience.