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Caribbean Beauties

Agency /Retail website

Introducing the digital presence of One Caribbean Beauties, a premier destination for Caribbean beauty, and talent. I crafted a platform that not only focuses on the visual and high imagery, but also offers a seamless and interactive online experience for every customer journey. Here’s a closer look at what makes One Caribbean Beauties stand out:

Elegant Slider Homepage with Designated Landing Pages

The website greets visitors with a visually stunning slider homepage, featuring captivating images that glide smoothly across the screen, highlighting all facets of the company.  The landing pages are organized to provide detailed information on various segments, including booking models, advertising services and selling company products.

Optimized Store with WooCommerce and WiPay

 Integration with WiPay facilitates secure and convenient payment options, specifically tailored for a Caribbean audience, ensuring a hassle-free checkout process. 

Agency Forms, Newsletters, and Popups

 The website includes specialized agency forms that allow aspiring talents to book talent directly through our platform. To keep their community informed and engaged, the website is equipped with popups, newsletters and buying cues.